All The Reviews

Socket Greeny: Bertauski

Never Mind Yaar: K Mathur

Root Cause: James Crissman

I Serve: Roseanne Lortz

Flight To Paradise: Coe

The DeerHunter: BrokenSword

Randolph's One Bedroom: Oberg

Deliverance: R E Chambliss

The Milieu Principle: Malcolm Franks

Orphan Pyramid: Lechiffe

High On A Mountain: Tommie Lyn

The Ark Of Adams: Jack Kane

Rewritten Word: Aggie Villanueva

The Talisman Of Elam: Jim Mastro

Persephone’s Seeds: Dayna Hubenthal

Pins: Christine Todd

Dark Muse: Broken Sword

Bastard Husband: Lou

The Devil Won’t Care: Streby

Wastelander: Manda Benson

Confessions: August Stine

Green Skies: Eric Uhlich and Andrew Oberg

Necromancer: Dune Elliot

Ultimate Indivisibility: Brent Robison

Few Are Chosen: McGuire

After September: Mark D Ransom

Tomas: Robert Bedick

Nude Photography: A K Nicholas

Faith (Robert Grant): JoAnn Welsh

Be A Sex-Writing Strumpet: Stacia Kane

Ordeal: T K Varenko

Take It Easy: Ohad Kravchick

Lost in Juarez: Douglas Lindsay

The Faith Of A Child: Stefan G Lanfer

Where Spirits Live: Omri Navrot

The Turning, by Paul J Newell

Life Skills 101: Lori J Parker

Nymphas’ World: Rachel Haldane

The Darkness: Bill Kirton

Moonlight: Keith Knapp

Red Poppies: S. P. Miskowski

Leviathan's Master: David M Quinn

More About The Song: Rachel Fox

Maids Of Misfortune: M Louisa Locke

Stubbs Bernadette: Levi Montgomery

ASO: Lindsey Mackie

The Wave Queen: Caroline Harris

Songs: Dan Holloway

Bobby Isaacs: LG Putzer

Eternal Horizon: David Roman

First Wolf: Carol Anne Carr

Einstein: Brad Buettner

We Were Not Lost: Constance Kopriva

Petalon: Cornelius W Hyzer, Sr

The Snow Cow: Martin Kochanski

Land Of Cotton: Martha A Taylor

Behind Every Illusion: Harner

With My Pen as My Witness: Ian Boyd

Selected Poems: Hudson Owen

Solomonovsky: Michael J Landy

Ghost Notes: Art Edwards

Lines of Neutrality: SB Jung

Genius Of Metropolis: Lee

Deadline Murders: Morgans

Until Deep Water Stills: Dyet

File Under Fiction: Martin Locock

As They Grow Older: Cashmore

The Bouncing Boy: by ILIA

Letters Never Mailed: Susan Borgeson

Where Is She Now? Frances Gilbert

Outside The Closet: Martha Taylor

Claddagh: Dominguez

A Different Kind Of Sentinel: Drury

The 7 Gifts: John Mellor

Voyage Beyond Reason: Gauthier

The Peruke Maker: Ruby Dominguez

Iman's Isle: S A Davis

Shipwreck Of A Nation: Nennhaus

Finding The Moon In Sugar: Gint Aras

Lord Of The Rams: Ronan Smith

Birth In Suburbia: Carol Falaki

Dreams And Realities: Johnson

Whittaker Family Reunion: Roe

Gambling For Good Mail: Evelyn Cole

Legs Talk: D E Boone and Marc Burgess

Not Remembered: Bob Hafetz

Guide To Orthodox Judaism: Singer

al-Qaeda Strikes Again: Bill Binkley

Politics/Compassion: Schauer

Refined In Furnace: McCulloch

Carbon Copy Alpha Man: Gary Turcotte

The Bomb: Soling and Kille

Secrets Unveiled: Shesena Pledger

Collision of Angels: Michael Carver

"We'll Always Be Pals": Tom McManus

Fortune Teller: Gary Turcotte

Ralphina, the Roly-Poly: Claudia Chandler

Straight From Horse's Heart: Fitch

Charity's Child: Rosalie Warren

Life Cycles: Neil Killion

The Proviso: Moriah Jovan

Essays On Life: Nicolette Bethel

Tiberius Steele: Adam Britten

Rock Star's Homecoming: Gould

Splendid Concubine: Lofthouse

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