Here are all the books that I’ve recommended, and recommeded highly, when I’ve reviewed them here. If you’d like to read any of the reviews just click on the cover image and you should be taken right there.

Pins: Christine Todd

Ultimate Indivisibility: Brent Robison

Faith: JoAnn Welsh

Be A Sex-Writing Strumpet: Stacia Kane

The Turning: Paul J Newell

The Darkness: Bill Kirton

Red Poppies: S. P. Miskowski

Maids Of Misfortune: M Louisa Locke

Stubbs Bernadette: Montgomery

Ghost Notes: Art Edwards

Songs: Dan Holloway

We Were Not Lost: Constance Kopriva

Deadline Murders: Morgans

Behind Every Illusion: Harner

Gambling For Good Mail: Evelyn Cole


Essays On Life: Nicolette Bethel

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